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This is not the first Corona Virus infected the Human being

Swine influenza virus isolates originating from outbreaks in Sweden from 1983, 2002 and 2009. Nonetheless, analyzing archive isolates is justified by the efforts directed to the comprehension of the appearance of pandemic H1N1 influenza virus. Interestingly, this study illustrates the evolution of swine influenza viruses in Europe, because the earliest isolate belonged to 'classical' swine H1N1, the subsequent ones to Eurasian 'avian-like' swine H1N1 and reassortant 'avian-like' swine H1N2 lineages, respectively. The latter two showed close genetic relatedness regarding their PB2, HA, NP, and NS genes, suggesting common ancestry. The study substantiates the importance of molecular surveillance for swine influenza viruses

> Nipah was first identified in 1998 during an outbreak in Malaysia while the virus was isolated in 1999. It is named after a village in Malaysia, Sungai Nipah. Pigs may also be infected and millions were killed by Malaysian authorities in 1999 to stop the spread of disease.

>Viruses are divided into two groups: enveloped viruses which are surrounded by an outer lipid membrane; non-enveloped viruses lack this membrane. Where present, the envelope contains the viral proteins, which mediate binding to host cells. Coronavirus belongs to the group of enveloped viruses


>The virus is not a living organism, but a protein molecule covered by a protective layer of lipid (fat)

> The virus is very fragile;  the only thing that protects it is a thin outer layer of fat.  That is why any soap or detergent is the best remedy, because the foam cut the FAT (that is why you have to rub so much: for 20 seconds or more, to make a lot of foam).  


> Alcohol or any mixture with alcohol over 65% DISSOLVES any FAT, especially the external lipid layer of the virus.


> HEAT melts fat;  this is why it is so good to use water after Boiling @ 100 degrees Celsius and when it becomes normal ambient temperature, used it for washing hands, clothes and everything. In addition, this warm water mixed with foam makes it even more useful.


 * Oxygenated water helps much better than soap, alcohol, because peroxide dissolves the virus protein, for which it has to be pure and diluted to the required levels.


 * No Bacteriacide serves.  The virus is not a living organism like bacteria;  they cannot kill what is not alive with antibiotics, but quickly disintegrate its structure with everything said.


 * NEVER shake used or unused clothing, sheets or cloth.  While it is glued to a porous surface, it is very inert and disintegrates only between 3 hours (fabric and porous), 4 hours (copper, because it is naturally antiseptic; and wood, because it removes all the moisture and does not let it peel off and disintegrates), 24 hours (cardboard), 42 hours (metal) and 72 hours (plastic).  But if you shake it or use a feather duster, the virus molecules float in the air for up to 3 hours, and can lodge in your nose.


 * The virus molecules remain very stable in external cold, or artificial as air conditioners in houses and cars.  They also need moisture to stay stable, and especially darkness.  Therefore, dehumidified, dry, warm and bright environments will degrade it faster.


 * The virus CANNOT go through healthy skin.


 * Vinegar is not useful because it does not break down the protective layer of fat.


 * NO SPIRITS, NOR VODKA, serve.  The strongest vodka is 40% alcohol, and you need 65%.


 * The more confined the space, the more concentration of the virus there can be.  The more open or naturally ventilated, the less.


 * You have to wash your hands before and after touching mucosa, food, locks, knobs, switches, remote control, cell phone, watches, computers, desks, TV, etc.  And when using the bathroom.


* Also keep your Nails short so that the virus does not hide there

The best way to destroy corona virus is to use GRAMICID


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