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It is a synergic blend of Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) with silver ions, gives a broad spectrum of activity on all kinds of viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeasts, molds, protozoa and algae. It is the only molecule that is effective in killing 350+ microorganisms.


This is the best Anti viral product available in the market. Its eco friendly, fully degradable, edible Sterilizing Chemical, "Gramicid", Nano Silver Hydrogen peroxide molecule, offered in liquid form.Gramicid kill only microorganism not pest, not Animal not harmful to Humans. Safe to apply in human inhibited areas.


Application : 7ml/1000 ml of water for fumigation in 100 sq. ft area and 0.3% solution for floor or wall mopping. With 30 liters, you can fumigate 360,000 sq. ft area using a Ultra Low Volume Fogging Machine.


Pack size 10 Kg, 30 Kg pack


There is no odour, colur and no residue after application. Approved by Indian FDA and manufactured under GMP.


►  Gramicid is a complex formulation of processed silver, a noble metal and highly concentrated Hydrogen Peroxide.

►   It is an eco-friendly, broad-spectrum disinfectant and biocide that is effective on all types of pathogens.

►  Hydrogen Peroxide component ensures rapid germ killing effect and silver component ensures long-lasting effect

►  It’s main component Hydrogen Peroxide does not pollute the effluent, as only Oxygen and water are formed. H2O2 –> H2O+ O (nascent form) in other words no harmful by-products are produced when its decomposes.

► GRAMICID ECO-FRIENDLY is the Registered Trademark.



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